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1206 Plumosa Drive, Ft Myers FL 33901
Married: Harry A. Chernin, June 25, 1950
Central Un. Meth Church, Ft Myers FL

Children: Leslie Gail Chernin married Ray Morreale - Ft 
Myers; Nancy Joyce Chernin married Joe Romstadt - Ft Myers; 
Betsy (Elizabeth Mary) Chernin married Roger Vereb N Ft 

What have you been doing since May 1947
After graduation I worked at Lee Co Bank, Zipperer Farms, 
and Life Ins of Georgia. Married Harry Chernin 6/25/50 (the 
day the Korean War started). We have three girls and three 
grandchildren. Our girls all returned to Ft Myers after 
college and work at Beachcomber Intl with us. I stayed home 
during the kids' school years, active in community, school, 
and Church. When the youngest went to college, I started 
traveling more with Harry, helping with work, and continuing 
to help with our aging parents. 

I am traveling 90 to 100 days a year on business, (the last 
five as the Christmas buyer for our company) enjoying 
spending as much time as possible with our grandchildren, 
and very active at the church where I have attended all my 
life. (I have been a Sunday School teacher for 42 years). 
With no retirement in the future, and many things I yet wish 
to accomplish, I anticipate having to live a long time to 
get it all done. I still take much pride and joy from living 
in Fort Myers, our class and friends, and feel after much 
travel, this is still the best place to be...  (April 1997)

2669 Gracie Drive, Deland FL, 32724

Married: to former Josephine (Jo) S. Dixon of Yadkinville, 
North Carolina and Deland, Florida. We met while I was a 
police officer. She was a duty officer (dispatcher) for the 
department. Later on she was employed by the Florida Highway 
Patrol and retired from there in 1994. 

Children: She has three by a former marriage and I have four 
by former marriages. Together we have nine (9) grandchildren 
and one great grandchild. 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Since May 1947 (Briefly): I followed the construction trades 
in and around Fort Myers until 1951 when I enlisted in the 
United States Marine Corps and served there until 1954.  I 
will always be proud that I had the privilege of being a 
United States Marine. Returned to the construction trades 
after my discharge.  It was a dismal, poverty stricken 
existence in those days so I switched to the selling game, 
crashed and burned, and I became a police officer. In doing 
so I found my calling and niche in life. Followed that 
calling until 1979 when being on the wrong side in a 
political war cost me my job. Started a contract painting and 
repair business and remained in that until 1991 except for a 
brief stint as a deputy sheriff for Lake County.  In 1991 
injuries from a fall ended my painting/repair career.  Worked 
part time after my recovery but currently just retired. Kind 
of a dull life, huh? Singular claim to fame? I am the only 
police officer in the entire history of the Deland Police 
Department and perhaps all of Volusia County Law Enforcement 
to disarm an honest to God, True life, live ticking bomb.      
(As of April 1997) 

15911 McGregor Blvd, Ft Myers, FL 33908 

Married: George K. Watson, March 15, 1950

Children: 5 children, 23 grandchildren, 1 great grandson

What have you been doing since May 1947?
I've lived in Ft Myers all my life. Have not worked since
I married.   (As of April 1997)

311 Asbury Road,  Winchester, VA 22602

What have you been doing since May 1947?
After discharge from the Army, I took summer classes at 
Edison College and was able to receive my diploma with the 
class of '47. I spent two and a half years at Stetson in 
Deland, then gave up on higher education and went to work in 
Fort Lauderdale, got married and moved to Pompano Beach.  Then 
I discovered the profession I loved and followed the rest of 
my working life -- fishing the coastline of Florida and The 
Bahamas.  First with my own boat taking parties fishing. I 
did this for fourteen years, then changed to becoming captain 
of boats owned by large corporations.  At this time I got 
married for a second time. I have three daughters and one 
son. My wife died in 1979. My eldest daughter lives in 
Boynton Beach, Florida and my other three children live in 
Virginia (Winchester, Front Royal and Chesapeake). I have six 
grandchildren, ages 1 to 23. Since 1989 my principal 
residence has been with my youngest daughter in Winchester, 
Virginia, but I spend some time with my daughter in Florida, 
and also with a friend in Indiana.    (As of April 1997) 

L9Y 4Y1, CANADA (updated 2000)

5573 Boynton Lane, Ft Myers, FL 33907-2735 (Usually late 
November to Mid April, 1997 end of February to end of 
Reunion. Mail is forwarded each way.) 

Married: Marilyn Phyllis Kulow, School Teacher, July 10, 
1954, in Collingwood, Ontario. Deceased 2001 

Children: One daughter, Barbara Elizabeth, born Dec 12, 
1955.  Barbara is a cataloger with City of North York 
(Toronto) Public Library System (Master of Library Science). 
Married Kim Swend Jepson. No Children. 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
In 1947 I attended Thomas Alva Edison College at old 
Buckingham. Was on basketball team with Bull Collins, S. E. 
Poole, "Soup" Campbell, and Chris Stafford, which was a 
privilege.  We were beaten in Miami (Embry-Riddle), Tampa, and 
Ft Lauderdale, as well as home games. Edison College folded 
and didn't reopen the next fall. I helped a friend build a 
house at Ft Myers Beach, winter of '48/'49 and then drove up 
to Collingwood, Ontario where I was born.  My grandmother, 
with the help of a manager, had been running the family 
business since my father's death in 1936, so I lived with her 
and proceeded to learn the business. My grandfather had 
started the business in 1916. We were distributors of Shell 
Canada, and over the years it grew and prospered. Our daughter 
worked in the office a few summers but wasn't interested in 
carrying it on, so one morning I awakened and decided it 
wasn't fun anymore. Shell was in breach of our years long 
franchise, so we had them over a barrel.  They found and 
financed a buyer, and Marilyn and I retired in January 1981, 
when I was 52. 

We'd purchased a cottage at Ft Myers Beach in 1972, just 
around the corner from my mother and used it sporadically, but 
in retirement used it most winters. After my mother entered a 
nursing home, and we were getting sick of the traffic, we 
sold, and purchased a garden villa condo in Whiskey Creek, 
which we occupy most winters. Being very close to Edison 
College/USF, we enjoy taking in plays and concerts at Barbara 
B. Mann Hall and have taken advantage of courses available at 
the campus. One was "Money and Banking" at USF, which was most 
interesting and helped me in retirement. I was the oldest 
person in the class, including the Prof! 

Here in Collingwood we are 15 minutes from the local ski 
hills. Collingwood is known as the ski capital of Ontario, and 
we've enjoyed skiing.  Our daughter can't remember when she 
couldn't ski.  We live in a big old (104 years) house with 
three stories to look after. My father carried my mother over 
the threshold, and in 1954, I carried Marilyn over the same 
threshold. However, it's now a burden, and we're seeking 
something easier to maintain. 

[Frandy wrote this for the class history of the 1997 class 
reunion and they have since moved to the address at the 
beginning of this biography. tgs 2001] 

4807 W Sunset Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629

What have you been doing since May 1947?
From Ft Myers Senior High, I went to the University of Florida 
in Gainesville (Go Gators!!!) and received a BA by 1951. 
Barbara (Daniels) and I were married shortly thereafter in the 
First Presbyterian Church in for Myers.  Under God's grace, we 
have been blessed with two really wonderful children -- our 
son, Emmett K Bittick, Jr. (Kelly) and our daughter -- Barri 
Lynne Looke. And the blessings continued -- Barri and her 
husband, Tom, brought into our lives grandsons Daniel and 
Jonathan and granddaughter Kelly Alexandra Victoria (Ali, for 
short.) Kelly and wife Tricia, further blessed us with 
grandsons Holland and Kennon. 

For the next 23 years after our marriage, the U.S. Army had a 
definite say in my goings and comings, starting with an 18-mo. 
tour in Korea. I fulfilled assignments in the states of 
Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, 
Washington, and yes, even Florida. Interspersed with these 
assignments were various military schools and a civilian 
Master's Degree from Ohio State University. I also had tours 
in Europe and Viet Nam. 

In 1975, I retired from the Army in the rank of Colonel and 
began civilian life in Tampa, Florida. Tampa was our choice 
for retirement in part so that Kelly and Barri could attend 
colleges in that area. (Kelly went to Harvard and Barri went 
to Mercer -- so much for that plan!) 

Barbara and I stay busier than we had planned to be at this 
stage of our marriage -- we golf (Barbara more than I), go to 
country linedance classes (that is really fun and the best 
exercise!!!), a limited number of club activities, and I 
continue my second career as a Real Estate Broker.  More 
important than all of this is the joy of witnessing the 
Christian development of our children with our "grands", for 
we have never lost sight of our Christian principles. 

In closing, we trust that all of you have been blessed as we 
have been, and that you have accepted the wonderful gift of 
salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless all of you!   
(As of April 1997)  

488 Van Buren, Ft Myers, FL 33916

Married: Three times - Janice Meeks, Mary Lou Rosine and 
Irene Murphy (1974) 

Children: Glenda (June 7, 1948), Jimmy (Dec 9, 1949), Joyce 
(Mar 12, 1955), Susan Rebecca (Aug 8, 1964), and Fred Allen 
(Jan 3, 1966). I have grandchildren, a great-grandchild and a 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
I left school for service in the Navy in November of 1944. 
Shipped over to Europe toward end of War. Spent time in 
England, France, and Germany. 

After being discharged, I returned home and finished my high 
school credits and got my AA degree at Edison Community 
College. I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but a summer 
job with Dr Plummer changed my mind. About that time I married 
Janice Weeks and went into the construction business.  We were 
divorced in September, 1957. I sold my construction equipment 
and bummed around for a couple of years. 

Went to work for Snag Thompson as a Special Deputy. Still 
worked in construction as a crane operator. I got married 
again and we had two kids, Susan Rebecca and Fred Allen.  That 
marriage lasted about ten years. 

In 1968 I went into law enforcement full-time. I worked for 
Snag for several years.  Then I went to work for Doug Hendry 
in Collier County. Aubrey Rogers was his Chief Deputy. I was 
assigned to the Immokalee Substation working there for Aubrey 
until October 1, 1989 when I retired as District Commander. I 
enjoyed every minute of my career as a law enforcement officer. 

I retired in 1989 and accepted a security job with the Collier 
family property. I enjoy my job, being outdoors and enjoying 
nature. I do some wild life photography and I've caught a few 
poachers and rustlers.         (As of April 1997) 

3114 Sunrise Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Married: James E Kaply

Children: Two Boys - Three Girls, 16 Grandchildren, 6 Great 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Working career with Lee County Tax Collector's Office for 12 
years. Manatee Co Tax Collector 1 year. Sarasota Tax Collector 
1 year, for a total of 14 years. Moved to Siesta Key for 10 
years. Also worked for Sarasota Chevrolet dealer for 12 years.  
Retired and moved to Port Charlotte where we now live in a 
modest 3 bedroom home. Due to boredom, returned to Lee Co Tax 
Collector and still employed there. Drive approximately 60 
miles, four days a week. 

Also am currently entertaining (Piano Music by "May") at my 
son-in-law's restaurant at Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda, 
Smugglers Captain's Table -up- Stairs, formerly Nightingale's. 

My husband and I have a motor home that we travel in whenever 
we are free. Jim is retired. This past May, we traveled out 
West as far as Arizona, New Mexico.  Was very dry. Needless to 
say we were very glad to arrive home after a month of 

Florida is God's Country!                         (As of April 1997)

61 Palm Tree Lane, Ft Myers, FL 33905

Children: 4 (3 boys, 1 girl) Buz, Beverly, Steve, Michael

What have you been doing since May 1947?
After high school I married the love of my life. Bob, FMHS 
'44. We have raised four children and have had an interesting, 
exciting, and "nearly" 50 years of life together. 

In 1976 we went to W. Africa as medical missionaries. (Bob is 
a dentist), under the auspices of the Foreign Mission Board of 
Southern Baptist Convention. We returned to Ft Myers in '91 
after serving 15 years in Ghana and Nigeria. 

I am now active in the First Baptist Church and enjoy special 
times with children and grandchildren.          (As of April 1997) 

VIVIENE LEE BROWN (POTTER) * [DECEASED 120828 to 041503, via JMM]
4590 Dor Lee Lane, N Ft Myers, FL 33917

Marriage: Walter Griffin, July 14, 1946 (Divorced 1964, 
he died Dec 1973)

Children: Sandra Joanna 8 JUL 47, Roger Eugene 7 OCT 49, 
Patricia Ann 23 JAN 51, Karen Diane 11 OCT 52

Sandra married Stanley Kirkland, 2 children: Benny 25 OCT 68 
Shannon 16 MAY 73 (great granddaughter: Ashley, 26 APR 93) 

Roger married Teresa Elwell, 2 boys: Roger Benny, 
Nathan Allen 

Patricia married Jimmy Cail, 2 children: Jimmy (married Mary 
Boyette) and Traci (married Sam Norton, 2 girls: Nikki 16 SEP 
92 and Amber 27 MAR 1996, great granddaughters) 

What have you been doing since May 1997?
I worked at the Shell Factory in North Fort Myers for about 7 
years and then worked in the office of Deal Erection Service 
for about 4 years then went to work for the telephone company 
as an operator. Worked up to an office job and worked there 
for 11 and a half years. Met Ernest Potter. He worked in the 
oil fields. We married June 9, 1973. In 1975 we went overseas 
to Malta and he worked off the coast. We were there about 6 
weeks and then came back to the States and went to Gladewater, 
Texas. We were there about 6 years when all the oil rigs 
started closing down. Then we came back to Fort Myers in 1982. 
I went to work at the Shell Factory and worked for 15 years. I 
got sick and had to retire. I have a lung problem. My husband 
died Fathers' Day June 19, 1995.  My daughter Sandra was 
killed in an accident Nov 21, 1981 by a drunk driver who was 
also killed. 

I may not get to attend the reunion this year, as I am taking 
tests to see if they can operate, but I would like a copy of 
the history. Best regards to all my classmates.  (As of April 1997) 

315 E Las Flores Ave, Arcadia, CA, 91006

Marriage: Susan D. Drake, 1954 to Present.

Children: 5, Jill, Clark, Casey, Barbara, and Daniel

What have you been doing since May 1947?
2 years Army service, 4 years self-employed as truck farmer. College at 
Gainesville, BSBA in Real Estate and Insurance. 

June-Oct, 1957 - Worked for Royal Insurance Companies in New York City

Nov 1957 - Aug 1958 - Worked for Royal Insurance Companies in Detroit MI

Aug 1958- Jan 1962 - Worked for Royal Insurance Companies in Philadelphia PA

Jan 1962 - FEb 1972 - Worked for Royal Insurance Companies in New York City, 
Employment Manager, Director Ins Training and Management Development. 
Residence South River, NJ 

Feb 1972 - 1986 Worked for TransAmerica Insurance in Los Angeles, CA - 
Director Employment and Management Development 

Feb 1987 to Present - Involved in training thoroughbred race horses. 
So afar... no cigar!                    (As of April 1997) 

18451 N Olga Drive, Alva, FL, 33920

Married: Linnie McClure

Children: 2 sons - Keith 7-26-53 and Jay 10-3-58; 
4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Eleven days after leaving high school I reported to the 
University of Florida's football program and summer school. 
Left University of Florida after my freshman year. I then 
attended the University of Tampa and played football.  The 
following September of 1949, Linnie and I were married. I was 
drafted into the Army in June of 1952. I was a clerk typist 
and played football for the Third Army for two years, 
stationed in Columbia, SC. I was discharged from active duty 
in '54 and finished my reserve duty in 1960. In '58 I began my 
Trust career with the First National Bank, remaining in Trust 
Banking for 37 years, now retired. Linnie and I have motor 
homed through all 48 states and Alaska. We're now living on 
our ranch in Alva with a Cow-calf operation. I am also 
partners with Nick Armeda in the C&C Feed Store. I've been the 
"Voice of the Greenies" announcing home football games for 
twenty-eight years.          (As of April 1997) 

21 Palms Resort 6951 Osceola-Polk Line Road, Davenport FL 33837

Married: Warine (Rich) Chaplin

Children: John Charles (now deceased) and Connie Jean. One 
Grandchild, Heather. Two Great-grandchildren, Stephanie and 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
In 1948 I moved to Indiana to take over the family farms. Both 
our children were born there. However, once or twice a year 
trips back to Florida were just not enough, so in late 1959 we 
moved back to Florida (Sarasota), where I involved myself in 
Auto and Motorcycle Parts, filling my leisure time with golf, 
motorcycles, and restoring antique autos. In 1990, I retired, 
and in 1992 we sold out in Sarasota, moved over to the 
Heartland of Florida, out of the fast-lane and into the peace 
and quiet of the "old Florida" that I knew growing up here.  
21 Palms abuts the south side of Disney property, and with 
Annual Passes we spend many happy hours there (just kids 
again). We celebrated our fiftieth Wedding Anniversary 
recently, and especially treasure receiving congratulations 
from the White House, both President and First Lady. It was 
the highlight of the day. 

Still play golf, ride my motorcycles, and grow flowers and 
vegetables to fill my spare time. All in all, IT'S BEEN A 
GREAT LIFE!  (As of April 1997) 

323 Dexter Drive, Tice, FL 33905

Married: Charles Clark in 1958

Children: 1 son - 3 grandchildren

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Lived in Ft Myers all my life - no plans to change. Worked and 
retired as a bookkeeper for Flex Bon Paints in 1992. Enjoy 
going to NC in Spring and Fall.       (As of April 1997) 


1582 Whiskey Creek Dr, Ft Myers, FL 33919

Married: Maxine Elfresh, March 31, 1961

Children: 1 daughter; Teri Jenkins, 2  granddaughters

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Attended Purdue University; attended U.S. Maritime Schools;
Attended Maritime License Schools

Have lived in Fort Myers.

Worked 13 years Cleveland-Cliffs Steamship Co
Worked 26 years Inland Steel Co

84 Cardinal Drive, N Ft Myers, FL 33917

Married: June 6, 1958 to Arthur C. Scott, Jr - a wonderful
husband and father. We had 36 beautiful years together.
He died of lung cancer August 23, 1994.

Three children: Michael, Rita, Isabelle

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Since May of '47, I attended FSU and taught at Fort Myers High 
for 13 years. I taught business subjects which I thoroughly 
enjoyed. I went from the old manual typewriter to the electric 
and when I mastered that, I had to learn computers. Took a 
little time off to raise my three children and then went back 
to teaching in 1979. After being out of the school system for 
15 years, it was a whole different ball game when I went back. 
But happy to say I made the adjustment with no problems. I was 
"hell bent" on having the same discipline I always had. I also 
went from being a GREENIE to being a RED KNIGHT. 

I lost my husband in 1994 and retired from North High in 1995. 
I'm enjoying a little leisure time right now. (As of April 1997) 

1580 S Floral Ave, Bartow, FL  33830

Married: William Rex Van Orsdale - Feb 24, 1950

Children: William Michael, James Douglas, Five wonderful
grandchildren (14 years to 22) only one granddaughter.

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Moved to Bartow in 1953. The boys and families are also here 
in Bartow.  At 55 yrs old worked as a travel agent and began 
traveling. We have made three trips to Europe, all 50 states, 
a lot of Canada and Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tahiti.
(As of April 1997) 

470 Avon Lane, Mary Esther, FL 32569

Married: Wallace M. Hudson on Oct 3, 1948. Spent 47 wonderful 
years together. Wallace passed away Sept 25, 1995, just 8 days 
short of 47 years. 

Children: Four wonderful children - Bonnie, Duane, Robin and
Dawn. Ten grandchildren.

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Immediately after school I went to work for Sears Roebuck. I 
worked there until 1953. I moved to Miami for 6 months. Then 
we lived in Naples until 1964 when we moved to Ft Walton 
Beach. I worked for Vitro Services until retirement in Dec. 
'92.  I had started with Vitro in Naples in 1962 (30 years). I 
worked as an accountant. Wallace worked with Sears Roebuck 
from 1964 to 1992 (Jan.) After our retirement we did a little 
traveling. In the summer of 1978, we visited our son Duane, 
who was in the Army in Germany and took tours to France, 
Austria, Sweden and Denmark.  In the summer of 1994, we took a 
6 weeks tour out West and visited all the national parks, such 
as Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, 
and other points of interest: San Francisco, Golden Gate, 
Alcatraz, Hearst Castle, winding up in Branson, Missouri.  My 
hobbies are gardening and crafts (crochet, embroidery) and my 
church work. I have been pianist for Wright Baptist Church in 
Ft. Walton for 24 years. 

N4308 Jakes Ln. Medford, WI 54451
tel: 715-785-7967

Married: Kathryn Aldinger, 27 Nov 1954. Lost her 
July 26, 1999 to cancer. Now (2001) engaged to 
Patty Jodis. Wedding date not set. 

Children: Michael, David, Patricia, Karen

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Attended Univ of Fla until 1949. Service in US Army 1950-51. 
Military Police in Germany. Visited Luxembourg and Italy 
(Sorrento on the Isle of Capri). Learned to ski in Garmish, 
Germany. Attended Illinois Institute of Technology. Received 
BSEE 1957. Worked for Bendix Missiles in Mishawaka, IN for 
several years. Worked for Kawneer Co. Niles, MI in the 
Advanced Development.  Then I went to Whirlpool Corp. in 
Benton Harbor, MI. again in the Advanced Development. Received 
the PE license for Michigan. Worked for Polydyne Engineering 
Co., Franklin Park, IL as a development engineer.  Received 
the MBA from Northern Illinois Univ. in 1974. Worked for 
Knowles Electronics as an Applications Engineer Supervisor. 
Worked for Molex Inc Advanced Development as a Project 

I have my name on about 25 patents in various fields, from 
fire door holders/releases, smoke detectors, the Whirlpool 
Domestic Ice Maker, NHBA Smart House Components, to the RF 
filter connectors found on present day General Motors autos. 

I am presently retired and living in the Northwoods in 
northern Wisconsin on a lake.  My hobbies were mountain 
climbing and snow skiing (too old and weak now). The high 
point of my climbing career was climbing Devil's Tower in 
Wyoming. I've backpacked into and climbed in the Stanley 
Primitive Area in Idaho, Big Horns in Wyoming, Yosemite, and 
the Tetons. My favorite spot is the Stanley Primitive Area. 
Other interesting areas we visited are: the Kenai Peninsula, 
Alaska to the Arctic Circle, the Olympic Range in Washington, 
and the Buchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. Present activities 
are wood working, mosquito swatting and surfing the net.     
(February 2001)


8936 Dorchester St, Ft Myers FL  33907-58911

Married: C. Wilson Starnes *, June 29, 1952

Children: C. W. Starnes III (Tripp), Mark C. Starnes,
Erin Starnes Zengel. 7 Grandchildren (delightful!)

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Wilson went to University of Florida and is a "dyed in the 
wool" Gator fan. He went into auto parts and owned his 
business in Ft Myers Beach. To continue their "togetherness" 
Margie had a patio furniture store next door. 

Wilson is semi-retired, but women never retire. (I just don't have
a business any more!)

We treasure our high school friends who - like us - stayed in 
Fort Myers, and look forward to our reunion to see everyone 
from everywhere once again. 


10010 St Paul Rd, N Ft Myers, FL 33917

Married: Marion Navarra in 1957 and we have two sons and one 
daughter. Our oldest son John, is single with no family. Our 
daughter married and gave us 3 grandsons, while our youngest 
son married and gave us 2 granddaughters. We celebrated 39 
years of marriage on Oct 27, 1996. 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
As most of you know, I have spent most of my adult life flying 
for a living. Soon after graduation I went to work for a VA 
flying school where I was able to earn a commercial license. I 
first worked as a crop duster, then as a charter pilot, flight 
instructor, aircraft salesman and finally corporate pilot for 
11 years. I retired from Lee County Mosquito Control in 1991 
following that.  During this time I thought there might become 
the need for another line of work, so I took a real estate 
course through the University of Florida and ultimately earned 
a broker license. I spent two years in the Army during the 
Korean conflict, after which I married and started our family.  
We have always lived in Fort Myers and are now living on 40 
acres in North Fort Myers and spending our summers at our 
summer cottage in Cullowhee, NC, in the Smokey Mountains. 

Would enjoy hearing from anyone and hope to see you all at the 
reunion.                                         (As of April 1997) 


2590 First St #107 Ft Myers, FL  33901-2468
tel: 941-337-7845

Married: Irene, Divorced 21 years

Children: 2 (1 daughter and 1 deceased son)

What have you been doing since May 1947?
I spent 33 years in Miami and came back to Ft Myers in 1985. 
Graduated from U. of Miami with a BBA. I retired from General
Electric Credit Corp as V. P. Sales.  I have 5 grandchildren,
3 here in Ft Myers and 2 in Va. Beach, VA.

[Note: I went by my middle name in Elementary, Jr. High,
High School and U. of Miami]                   (As of April 1997) 


521 Ione Ave, Tice, FL 33905

Married: Laurie Nan Buffington * 40 years August 1996

Children: Susan Lee, Stephen Edwin: two grandsons -
Ryan Hart, Robert Hollingsworth

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Lived in Tice, still do. Worked for State Road Department
7 years. City of Fort Myers 5 1/2 years. Lee County D.O.T.
29 years. US Air Force 4 years. One tour in Korea, A & R
Tokyo, Japan. 

Yucatan - Mexico, Washington DC, Opryland Tenn. Branson Mo., 
Callaway Gardens every fall to visit relatives and see the 
colorful fall colors of the leaves.          (As of April 1997)

334 West Chevy Chase Drive, Apt 55, Glendale, CA 91204

Married: Divorced from Dennis Valentine.

Children: One son, Alex, writer/music critic. 
Residing in Philadephia.

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Worked as legal secretary/administrator for law firms in
Miami and Los Angeles.  Lived in Los Angeles and Glendale,
California since 1956. Retired (health reasons) in 1990.
(As of April 1997)

1925 Virginia Ave. #701, Ft Myers, FL 33901-2326

Married: Charles M. Curtis, 1948, (deceased)

Children: 3 children - Donna, Alan and Karen. 7 grandchildren.

What have you been doing since May 1947?
I remained in Fort Myers. I married Charles Curtis from Candler,
NC, so we made trips to NC every summer. We owned a restaurant
(Carolina Cafe) in downtown For Myers for 15 years when our 
children were young. Then I began work at the Health Department
and was office supervisor of the Environmental Health Section
for 28 years.  Charles and I were divorced after nearly 20 years
of marriage and neither of us remarried. I am now retired am
enjoying my grandchildren's activities, playing cards, eating out,
attending special events and going on trips with friends.
(As of April 1997)

1202 La Faunce Way, Ft Myers, FL 33919
tel: 941-936-2064

Married: Vercil F. Senseman, Jr, DVM * (class of '48)
on Oct 28, 1950

Children: Teresa Senseman Kincade - 1 son Matthew 1990;
Sharon Senseman, DVM; Karen Senseman Griffis, DVM - Baby
due in Oct 1996; Robert Senseman - Son Dalton 1994;
Vercil Senseman Jr - Son Joshua 1989, daughter Jessie 1990

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Married in 1950, Vercil got out of Marine Corps in 1954 and went to U 
of Fla from '54-'58. Auburn Univ, 1958-62, DVM. We came back to Fort 
Myers in 1962 and started North Shore Animal Hospital and have been 
here to date.  Vercil retired in 1993 and our daughter Sharon,  came 
home from Okla. and has taken over his practice. I went back to 
school, Edison Community College, and graduated in 1979 with an RN 
degree. I worked 15 years at Lee Memorial Hospital as an RN on IV 
Therapy Team, retiring in Oct 1993. Since that time I have been back 
at the Animal Hospital involved with administration duties - and 
"keeping things in line." Am enjoying the grandchildren and hope to do 
some traveling when Vercil "feels up to it."          (As of April 1997) 

St. Justin, Martyr, Church 10751 Ridge Road,
Largo, FL 33778
tel: 813-397-3312

On August 15, 1947 I was officially received into the Religious
Community known as Allegany (NY) Franciscans. After two years of
training I was missioned back to Florida for teaching in our Catholic
Schools.  My thirty years of teaching embraced Primary, Junior High
and Senior High. All but two of these years were spent in Florida.
I was nine years at Corpus Christi School in Miami, nine years at
Central Catholic High in Melbourne, and seven years at Bishop Verot
High in Ft Myers. In High School my major field was Home Economics.
I also taught English and Religious Studies. At Bishop Verot I was
also yearbook Advisor.

In 1980 I changed work to Pastoral Ministry. After several years at
St Cecilia's in Ft Myers, I moved to the Tampa Bay area. For the last
ten years I have been at St Justin, Martyr in Largo, serving as 
Pastoral Assistant.

During my 50 years as a Religious I have been a partner in founding
two new institutions, a pioneer: Central Catholic High in Melbourne
and St Justin, Martyr Paris in Largo. In 1968 our Religious Community
opted to adapt our dress to modern times.  In 1994 I was blessed with
the opportunity to travel to Italy, visiting Rome, Assisi (the 
birthplace of St Francis, our community patron), and Sienna.

In April of this year I will celebrate with great joy my fifty
years of Religious Profession.                   (As of April 1997)

100 Oakmont Lane #606, Belleair, FL 34616-1928

Married: William James Tanney, 1951; John Harvey Meek, 1992

Children: Shawn Tanney Richards, grandchildren, Raine and
Teale; William Drew Tanney, grandchildren, Jared, Shea, Shan
and Brooke; Joseph Todd Tanney - not married, college football
coach; Leigh Tanney Leslie, grandchildren, Alexandra and Colter.

What have you been doing since May 1947?
1947-1951 Mary Washington College, Fredricksburg VA, Graduated
American University, Washington DC.  Married Bill Tanney, Attorney
1951. Lived in Arlington VA, 1952 Lakeland FL. Member First United
Methodist Church; Jr League; PTA (all levels). Raised children:
Shawn graduated FSU in interior design. Drew graduated U of Fla
and Georgetown Law School. Todd graduated U of Fla, history and
education. Leigh graduated U of Tennessee, Knoxville TN; Tulane
Law School, New Orleans LA

Married John Meek, 40 year friend, founder and owner of Century 21
Condon-Meek, Insurers and Realtors, Clearwater FL. I have been a real
estate broker since 1972. We have traveled extensively - Motor home
all over US, Canada, and Alaska. Tours to England, Scotland, Ireland.
All over Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

It's been a wonderful life!                          (As of April 1997)

1514 Carbon Circle, Rock Springs, WY 82901

Married: in Fort Myers, Fla. in 1950 to George Russell Hanrahan
Jr. from Portsmouth, Virginia

Children: Linda Carol Yedinak, Rock Springs, WY; Teresa Gay Fletcher,
Rock Spring, WY. Three grandsons, Steven and Travis Fletcher and
Jade Yedinak.

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Graduated from Fort Myers High School in 1947. Went to nursing
training in Portsmouth, VA in 1947. Graduated in 1950. Worked
for awhile at Kings Daughters Hospital in Portsmouth, VA. After
I married, my husband was in the Navy so we moved around, from
Jacksonville, Fla. to Memphis, Tenn., to Key West, Fla. to
Evergreen, Alabama, to Crossville, Tenn., to Elizabeth City, 
NC then to our last stop, Rock Springs, WY. I worked in the
hospital here in Rock Springs until I retired in 1984. My
husband worked for the F.A.A. until he retired in 1983. My
husband and I have been to Hawaii twice. We have been to almost
every state in the United States, sometimes with my sisters, Gloria
Aldermon and Betty Gallman and my brother Gerald Jones and Wife
Sue, all of Fort Myers, Fla.

I enjoy my church and bible study, working at the soup kitchen, 
my grandchildren, my daughters and their husbands, fishing, 
arrow head hunting, camping, just being in the great outdoors,
my grandson's soccer games, Denver Broncos football, Atlanta
Braves football. I like to read and I do some crafts. It's great
to be alive and living in the wonderful U.S.A. May God bless you
and yours.                                         (As of April 1997)

13687 Covington Creek Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32224-1185

Married: Albert D. Betz, Cleveland, Ohio, June 10, 1949

Children: three - 2 boys and 1 girl

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Lived in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and then Warrensville Heights,
Ohio, from 1949 until 1962, when we moved to Florida. We have
lived in Jacksonville, Florida, from 1962.        (As of April 1997)

16031 South Pebble Lane, Ft Myers, FL 33912
tel: 941-481-8192
fax: 941-481-9742

Married: Marilyn Flynn

Children: Tom III, lives in Gainesville; Gayla (Culpepper), 
lives in Atlanta; and Karen (Cochran) lives in Dubai, United 
Arab Emirates. Three Grandchildren... all girls. 

There are also three other children that live at home, Rowdy, 
a black Labrador retriever; Cody, a chocolate Labrador 
retriever, and Max the cat. 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
U.S. Navy, Aviation Photographers Mate, CAC. Fighter Squadron 
11, Air Base Group One. University of Florida - Graduated BSBA 
in 1956.  Went into the corporate world upon graduation and 
lived in Jacksonville, FL*, Atlanta, GA*, Shreveport, LA, 
Mobile, AL, St Augustine, FL*, Thomaston, GA, Memphis, TN, 
Lakeland, FL, Lafayette, LA, Johnson City, TN (* more than two 

We moved back to Fort Myers in 1987, from Lakeland. I have a 
Doctor friend who had nothing to do, so he installed four by-
passes for my birthday in 1991. I retired in 1992 as a Senior 
Consultant with a business management consultant company. 

Probably, my most time consuming hobby is politics on the 
national scene. I spend a great deal of time watching the 
Congress and trying to analyze what they are doing as opposed 
to what they should be doing. 

I still like to fish, when I get the opportunity, and I do 
some shooting on the range; I also reload for my 30.06, .44 
Mag., and .38 Spec. 

Marilyn is Lead Tech in the Cardiac Cath Lab at Lee Memorial 
Healthpark, and she is taking classes at Edison, waiting for 
Gulf Coast University to open. When she has time, she loves to 
cook and sew... pretty nice for me. 

Route 1, Box 536A2 Rabun Gap, GA 30568
tel: 706-746-7482

Married: Robert E. "Bob" Morris and I were married March 19, 1950.

Children: We had four children. Cathy Jean, William Wayne, 
Paul Matthew and Robert E. Morris, Jr. (deceased), and now 
have four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Mostly, since 1947, I've been raising kids, but I also worked 
as a bank bookkeeper, clerked for State Farm Insurance, and 
was a Plant City Police and Fire Dispatcher. I helped clear 
twenty acres in Plant City, where I learned many skills, to-
wit: fencing, calf feeding, stump pulling, butter making, 
gardening, etc. I was wise enough to get out of milking our 
cow. My volunteer work included Garden Club, anti-litter 
control, retarded children, Church, Boy Scouts, and I am now 
working with Hospice Rabun patients. 

We moved from Fort Myers to Atlanta, Jacksonville, Plant City, 
Oklahoma City (where Bob taught Air Traffic Control), back to 
Plant City, and finally to our mountainside retreat in the 
North Georgia mountains.                    (As of April 1997) 

PO Box 412, Seffner, FL 33583

Married: 49 years to Oliver Fletcher Brannon.
50 years 31st of May 1997

Children: 2 sons, 2 daughters, all married, 6 grandchildren

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Fifty years have slipped by so quickly and as always we would 
certainly do some things differently, but when you marry as a 
teenager, you live and learn, hopefully.  We lived in Fort 
Myers for 18 months, Tampa, several years, and Seffner around 
40 years. Fletcher was in sales for 44 years and was a natural 
in this vocation and he still is. We both like to buy and sell 
and we make great partners.  We have close to 14 acres and a 
few cows now, which makes a great view. 

We've been through some difficult times and could've grown 
bitter if it hadn't been for our trust in the Lord Jesus 
Christ. As a result of that trust in Him and His grace, we re 
better and all glory goes to him. I can honestly say "the end 
is better than the beginning". 

This may not sound like an exciting life, but believe me it 
has been. Raising four children and we are all still sane is a 
miracle. Caring for our parents for ten years each and an aunt 
who also died of cancer was certainly a challenge. Through it 
all we learned many valuable lessons of which we are so 

In 1993 we took four months of short trips and saw many areas 
we had always wanted to visit. We may do it again. 

Of course we are in retirement now and never a dull moment. 
Retirement for us is not sitting around doing nothing. We both 
like to play golf, go antiquing, and we have been real busy 
helping renovate our church building. At home we often say to 
one another, "it's just you and me, babe," and we love it and 
we're having a good time, and I must say we are very thankful.    
(As of April 1997) 

4130 St Andrews Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33436

Married: Nancy Puglisi (MHS Class '51), 1952

Children: John W. Martin (3 grandchildren)
Linda Martin Callaway (2 grandchildren)

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Attended University of Florida (Go Gators!). Graduated 1952 
with B.S. in Agriculture. Served some time in Army after 
receiving R.O.T.C. Commission. After discharge, settled in 
Sanford, FL, working for Agricultural Supply Co. Relocated in 
1958 to Boynton Beach, FL working with another Agricultural 
Supply Co.  Started farming, growing vine-ripened tomatoes in 
1961. Have been in winter vegetable farming on East Coast for 
the past 35 years. (As of April 1997) 

1636 White Plains Terrace, N Ft Myers, FL 33903-4659
tel: 941-995-2711

Married/Children: My first marriage ended in divorce, and I 
have been married to C. K. "Buck" Morris since 1983. I have 
one son, Kevin Kulick. My daughter, Karen Kulick, died in 
1988. When I married Buck, I became stepmother to two 
stepdaughters and two stepsons. We have five grandchildren. 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
Following graduation I worked in varied fields: law, telephone 
company, flower farming, insurance, municipality, chemical 
plant, banking. Positions held varied from billing clerk to 
office manager, legal secretary/executive secretary/executive 
assistant and corporate officer. I retired the end of 1994 and 
am loving retirement. It's great not having to fight morning 
and afternoon traffic plus having all that "free" time! 

Since graduation I have lived in Polk County, Florida, and 
Laurel and Vicksburg, Mississippi. I returned to Fort Myers in 

Jean Lewis Morris and I were close friends in school and 
remained close through the years. She was "Aunt Jean" to my 
children. We think that it's interesting that now we are 
sisters-in-law; Jean is married to Buck's brother Bob. 

Weren't we all lucky to live in Fort Myers the way it was when 
we were in school?!!! 

4748 Mountain Road, Pasadena, MD 21122

Married: Nov 20, 1948 to Phillip W. Dibben in Denton TX

Children: Helen Kathleen ('55) Horse Trainer; William Thomas 
('58) Self-employed Welder/Sculpturer; Evelyn Louise ('59) 
Software Engineer 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
North Texas State, BA in Math. 2 yrs as cryptanalyst in Wash DC, 
Teacher and student at UNC, Homemaker and mother, 28 more years 
as cryptanalyst in Maryland. Career extremely interesting 
involving the evolution of computers and encipherment systems. 
Honored with Distinguished Membership in KRYPTOS and 
Cryptanalytic Mathematics Institute. Retired at age 56. Now 
breeder/owner of TB racehorses, enjoying good health, husband, 
family and grandson. 

(Lived in a castle in England 1961-63)              (As of April 1997)

1010 Drew Lane, Minden, LA 71055

Married: Married to Harvene Watterson on June 19, 1949, at Hampton, 
Florida. Harvene worked at a medical clinic for 22 and 1/2 years 
before she retired. 

We have two sons and three beautiful grandaughters. Son Don Jr 
(Melinda) lives in Reston LA and is a forest supervisor with a timber 
company. Son Monty (Sherry) lives in Temple TX and is a professor at 
the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
I was traveling with the Merchant Marine right out of high school (47-
55) and have 5 years sea time. I worked as an oiler with Standard Oil 
of New Jersey and I traveled to a number of foreign ports: Texas, 
Louisiana, Florida, New York, New Jersey, various ports in South and 
Central America, Arabia, Africa, Montevideo, and some I can't 

We have lived in Minden LA since 1973 when I went to work for 
Prudential Insurance Co. I have had several jobs including 7 years as 
a State Trooper in Florida, living in Fort Myers, Hampton, Everglades 
City, Bradenton, Punta Gorda and Keystone heights. Moved to Louisiana, 
outside sales while living in Haughton, Bossier City and Minden. 
Employed as Deputy Sheriff with Webster parish Sheriff's Department, 
Minden, Louisiana, and retired from that position. 

(Updated March 2007 and 02/19/11 and 02/24/11) 

1550 Trent Blvd Apt 2107, Lexington KY 40515

Married: Margaret (Lisby) Melville.

Children: Jean (Melville) Vickery, Richard Melville

Grandchildren: John Vickery, Joseph Vickery, Austin Melville

What have you been doing since May 1947?
USMCR (KOREA) 1951-1953. PhD U of Fla 1957. Bell Laboratories 
1957-1989 (Retired). Also did consulting in Africa, Asia, and 
Australia. Lived in 9 states. Now in Kentucky. Traveled in 50 
states and 100 countries.                   (As of April 1997) 

1320 Royal Palm Dr, Naples, FL 33940-4852

Married: Thomas L. Garrett 1972-1995, deceased 6 Jul 1995

Children: 1 daughter 2 sons

418 Williamsburg Dr., Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Married: Roberta A. Ely, Endeavor, Wis. Married 6-20-53

Children: Patricia "Patty" M. Ethridge (Mrs Chris) - 
4 children - Jackson, MS; Bruce D. Miller - 1 child - 
Nashur, NH

What have you been doing since May 1947?
June '47-July '48 - Employed at Nalle Mercantile, E. Ft Myers. 
Sept '48 - June '52 Bob Jones Univ - B. A. English Bible. Aug '52 
- July '56 - Pastor, Pine Island Baptist Church. Sept '56 - Mar 
'60 Southern Baptist Seminary, Wake Forest, NC, M. Div; pastor, 
Willis Memorial Baptist Church, Cascade, VA (Resigned 3/1/61). 
Dec '60 - June '93 - Foreign Mission Board, SBC - Assigned to the 
Phillipines July '94 to present - in "retirement" - enjoying the 
'good life' in Fla. Panhandle. Active in local Bapt. Ch/ 
Volunteer Chaplain, Bapt. Hospital, Pensacola Gulf Breeze 
Hospital as of 9/1/96 - Volunteer Ministry in Bosnia for 6 mo. 
Return (We hope!) to FL 3/1/97 - plan to attend class reunion 
4/26/97.                      (As of April 1997) 


210 Princeton St, Tullahoma TN, 37388-5633
tel: 615-455-5311

Married: Oct 3, 1959 Jo Anne Hale, Frankfort KY (Frankfort
High School, 1954, Transylvania Univ, Lexington KY, 1958)

Children: Susan - Feb 1962, Ruth - Jun 1964, Jennifer - Sep 1969

What have you been doing since May 1947?
US Coast Guard Academy, New London CT, 1947-1950, Cadet US Air 
Force - Texas, Korean War, Mass, 1951-55, Flying Status, First 
Lieutenant. U of Fla, Gainesville FL, 1955-1957, BS Chem Eng.  
Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati OH, 1957-1960, Chem Eng. Fla St 
Univ, Tallahassee FL, 1960-1962, MS Math. Sverdup Inc, AEDC 
Arnold Air Force Base (Tullahoma) 1962-1991, Engineering Systems 
Analyst. Retired 1991 

Aug 1991 - Present: traveling, visiting, Baby Sitting Grandkids.
(As of April 1997)

130 31st St SW, Naples FL 34117

Married: In 1954, Dolores J. Himschoot from Iowa.

Children: Conrad, Gregory, Alan, Joseph, Mary, Paulette, Angela, 
Maria and Jackquline. Have 21 living grandchildren and two 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
In 1948 enlisted in Army. Spent most of five years in Germany and 
France. Went to work with Florida Power & Light as a ground man. 
Got married in 1954. Moved to Naples in 1958 and built us a home 
in Pine Ridge on five acres. Progressed with FPL as Apprentice 
Lineman, Lineman, Trouble Man, Working Foreman, Line Foreman and 
Asst. Supervisor. 

Retired in 1988 after 34 years of service. We then moved to five 
acres in Golden Gate. Enjoyed retirement ever since. Keep busy 
caring for 5 acres and planting a garden twice a year. 

On 1/11/97, we celebrated 43 years of marriage.    (As of April 1997)

1888 Powell Drive North Ft Myers FL 33903 (Last known address.)
From 1967, 1981 reunion - Married: Vicki.  Occupation: Electrician, 
Florida Power & Light. Children: one

PO Box 188, Alva, FL 33920

Married: In 1951 to Henley Clark (FMHS 1945).

Children: We have two sons, Robert Henley, born 1953 and Gary 
Allen, born in 1956. They each have two sons, Brandon who is 25 
years of age, Gregory who is 13 years of age, Joel, who is 14 
years of age and Michael Ryan, who is 5 years of age. 

What have you been doing since May 1947?
After graduation from high school started my employment with the 
phone company in June 1947 and was employed there for 17 1/2 
years.  Resided on Grace Avenue in Fort Myers for over thirty 
years and in 1985 purchased property close to Alva on North River 
Road and built a home there, where we now reside. 

As for travel, my husband is not a great lover of it, so we stick 
close to Lee County, Florida. He tends his orange trees, and I 
enjoy our grandchildren.                   (As of April 1997) 

FLORIDA NAULT (SCOTT) 328 East Bay Street, Osprey FL 34229 Married: 47 years Children: 2 daughters; 6 grandchildren What have you been doing since May 1947? Never lived far from Fort Myers (Sarasota and Charlotte Counties). I worked for 22 years for Winn Dixie. Retired in 1985. I've just been enjoying my grandkids. Fishing and camping are our main recreation. Sorry we can't make the reunion. (Husband's poor health.) (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE DIXIE PETERSON (KELLEY) 6940 Hendry Ck Dr, Ft Myers, FL 33908 Married: 1/7/50 to Arthur W. Kelley * Children: Drew, Kent and Piper; 3 grandchildren What have you been doing since May 1947? Arthur W. Kelley in nursery business 50 years 1996, and still operating same. Went to Alaska last year for 2nd time, gorgeous. Hunt, fish in Florida, Alabama and Colorado. Go to Colorado every October and Alabama in December. Dixie Kelley tries to make North Carolina in spring and fall to "shop till you drop". (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE GLORIA VIRGINIA POFF (MCMAHONE)(KLINE) 1841 Seafan Circle, N Ft Myers, FL 33903 Married: James McMahone 6/7/52, divorced 8/15/67; Married John (Jack) Kline 1/18/70. Two step children. What have you been doing since May 1947? Worked at First National Bank in Fort Myers after graduating, until 1952. Worked at Fort Myers News Press for 1 year (can't remember the date). Worked at the Lee County Court House in the Supervisor of Elections office and the County Commissioner's Office for approximately 12 years. Moved to Lancaster PA in December 1976. Stayed there for 13 years. Moved back to Fort Myers in 1989. Am just a lazy, gray- haired senior citizen now! (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE HERBERT BURNUM "HERB" REAVES * OBIT Died 11/01/2006 Married: First marriage to Ann McLain Reaves from Charlotte NC (12-57) who passed away in 1986. Second marriage to Shirley Morgan Reaves (7-88). I have been twice blessed in my marriages. Children: Herbert B. Reaves Born 7-15-59. U of Fla graduate; Suzanne M. Reaves Born 1-4-62, 3 grandchildren, 2 step children (Shirley's), 3 step grandchildren, 1 step son-in-law, 1 step daughter-in-law What have you been doing since May 1947? Attended U of Fla from 1948 to 1952 - Commissioned in ROTC and called to active duty in U. S. Army in 1952 - Ordered to Korea as an artillery officer - First job was forward observer - Later promoted to Executive Officer of C Battery, 10th Field Artillery Battalion. Returned home in Sept 1954 - served in Army Reserve until 1965. Discharged as Captain in 1965. Went to work with family business in Sept 1954 and closed business in November 1995 - 41 years - long enough in furniture, appliance, TV business (organized in 1932 - 63 years). We were the oldest Maytag and Zenith dealer in the state of Florida. We have traveled to England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Japan, Korea, Costa Rica, Jamaica - St Martins Island, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Midway Island and over most of the USA. (April 1997) GREEN LINE BETTY RUTH RITCH (WELBORN) 4183 Capland Ave, Clermont FL 34711 (2002) tel: 352-394-0094 Married: James F Welborn Children: James F Welborn, Jr; grandchild: Brittany Nichole Welborn What have you been doing since May 1947? Nothing newsworthy -- just your average ordinary life! GREEN LINE PATRICIA ROBERTS (PATTERSON) [DECEASED] (OBITUARY) 2218 NW 24th Street, Gainesville, FL 32605 Married: January 1951 to Benton Patterson. Marriage still holding. Five children, three boys and two girls. Twelve grandchildren. What have you been doing since May 1947? I met Ben at Stetson and we were married Jan 1951. He began working on the sports or copy desk of a string of newspapers in LA, MS, OK, AL and MO. Had three children by 1957. I mostly held the house together and packed and unpacked. In 1959 moved to outside Philadelphia when Ben became a staff writer for "Saturday Evening Post". In 1962, we moved to Stamford CT when the Post moved to NYC. We had moved 16 times in 11 years. We stayed in CT for 15 years during which Ben switched to the "New York Times Magazine", started his own magazine, "Dominion", which had an 18- month life, and moved to "Guideposts" as managing editor in 1967. We had another child in 1966 and adopted a fifth in 1970. In 1977 we left the professional world and moved to Denton TX and U of North Texas, where Ben tried college teaching and got a Master's at East Texas State. In 1980 moved to Gainesville and the UF College of Journalism where he was the magazine expert and taught feature writing until retirement in Jan 1996. My biggest accomplishments were guiding the kid's development, heavy do-it-yourself work on four other houses and being deeply involved in and charter members of four SBC churches in PA, CT and TX. I have done some free lance writing. We saw many different parts of the country and found friends and good people in all of them. Lots of happy memories, but glad to be back in Florida after living in eight other states. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE BLANCHE SANTINI (TOWNLEY) (LEE) [DECEASED 2010] OBIT PO Box 2567, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33932 tel: 941-463-6638 fax: 941-463-3889 Marriage: to Arthur Townley Jr on 9/14/51. Lost him with lung cancer 1/5/79. Married Maurice Lee, Lt Col USAF Ret, 9/14/85 Four children by Arthur James Townley Jr. Five step-children by Maurice Lee. Nine grandchildren I have always lived on the same property since 1951. My home was moved and the property became a 41-unit condo with 3 phases and a detached residence which is my home. Traveled to Europe and saw five countries in 1979. Traveled in Mexico 3 different times. Also to Hawaii, staying one week on Oahu,'a week on Kaui and a week on the Big Island. Motored the United States from Florida to Portland, Oregon and back, at least 5 times. I've always been a housewife and never work away from the home except to plan and contract two houses for sale and to rebuild another. I have several rental units. Am also half owner in the Sanibel Seafood Freezer Plant servicing most of the restaurants from Marco to Englewood. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE MORRIS J SCHOELKOPF 431 N Armistead St #210, Alexandria, VA 22312 Married: Billie Washburn 1947 (Big "50" this year) Children: 1 daughter - Patti Lynn; 2 granddaughters - Jenna and Jamie What have you been doing since May 1947? New Orleans after high school for 3 years. Went into the Air Force and spent 20 years stationed at Chanute AFB (Champaign IL); Etain AFB, France; Hunter AFB, Savannah GA; Saigon, Vietnam; Hunter AFB (again); Scott AFB, Bellville IL; Pentagon, Washington, DC. Retired in 1971. I went into civil service in Washington with retirement in 1987. We still live in Alexandria VA - since 1968 (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE BARBARA SHANKLIN (CORNWELL) 1248 Coconut Drive, Ft Myers, FL 33901 (our address for the last 30 years) Married: To Nat Cornwell, Class of '46, who practiced architecture in Ft Myers until retirement in the late 70's. Barbara taught elementary school in Lee Co in '51, '65 and '67. Children: Two grown children live with their families in Tallahassee and Tampa. What have you been doing since May 1947? We have been very settled here in Ft Myers. Active in the First Baptist Church. Barbara spent her senior year of high school at Mt Vernon Seminary in Washington, DC and is pleased to be "counted in the crowd" of old friends at MHS. Working on reunions through the years has been fun. University of Ky. '51 in Elementary Ed. Nat and I enjoy the quiet life. GREEN LINE WILLIAM A. "BILL" SHEPPARD [DECEASED] OBITUARY 2887 Witter Gulch, Evergreen, CO 80439 Married: June L. Martin, Dec 29, 1951 Children: Mike, Jeff, Dan, Steve, Matt, Tim What have you been doing since May 1947? BA, University of Florida; JD, University of Florida. I practiced law for 10 years in Ft Myers with my father, uncle and brother. In 1963 my family and I moved to Princeton NJ for me to attend Princeton Theological Seminary. Upon receiving my M. Div. in 1966, we moved to Northglenn Co, to organize a new church, The Good Shepard Presbyterian Church. In 1970, I passed the CO bar exam and practiced law while continuing to serve the church as a "tent-making" minister for $1.00 per year. In 1976 I began teaching at the Paralegal Program at Community College of Denver and continued to serve the church until 1978. During this time, I was also Municipal Judge in Northglenn. 1979-1982, I conducted paralegal seminars throughout the U.S. In 1987 we visited China's equivalent of community colleges. I wrote most of the paralegal texts for my classes. After heart surgery and developing Parkinson's disease, I retired from teaching in 1993. Since 1985 we have lived in the mountains just west of Denver. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE RICHARD G. "DICK" SIMPSON, JR. DECEASED 1254 Braman Avenue, Ft Myers, FL 33901 Married: Katherine Ballard - 1/28/56 Children: Rick, born 12-28-56, lived in Ft Myers. He and wife Kim have two boys, Aaron and Matthew. Rick is now president and owner of Construction Sales & Rental Equipment, Inc. -a business Richard started in 1960. Cindy Barrios, Born 4-5-58, and her husband Robert, have 3 children, Katie, Kristin and Rob. She is a physical therapist. Ginny Brooks, born 5-8-62, is a financial officer for South Seas Resorts and lives in Ft Myers. Shelly McGovern, born 4-20-69, and her husband Butch, live in Ft Myers. She has a party business for children's parties. She has just completed certification for elementary teaching. What have you been doing since May 1947? I have always lived in Fort Myers. Attended the University of Florida for 3 years. Shortly after that spent 2 years n the Army, stationed in Georgia, Texas and New Jersey. In 1960 started a rental tool business which I managed until I retired 5 years ago. During those business years I was also on the Board of Directors for a bank. I was also involved with the formation of WEVU - a television station affiliated with ABC. I was part owner of that station and served as president for a time. I have been very active in the Masonic Lodge for the past 40 years. Served two terms as Master of Tropical Lodge #56. Have been active in all degrees of Scottish Rite Bodies and received their Honorary 33 degree in Washington, DC, in 1973. Katherine and I have done a lot of traveling through the years in the states as well as overseas. We have been to Australia twice with visits to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. We have traveled to Israel 4 times with visits to Jordan and Egypt. We have made numerous visits to England, Scotland and Ireland. One trip to England with Herb and Shirley Reaves. Spent my 65th birthday in Paris. Just last summer I did a mission trip to Africa with Trans World Radio. A group of four men and myself built and distributed 40 solar cookers in Kenya. From there we traveled to Swaziland and South Africa. Right after the reunion, I will join Katherine in England for a visit with relatives. We are actively involved with our church, Central Baptist. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE CAROLINE SNYDER (SCHULER) 38 Seneca Rd, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308-2303 In 1948 married Henry (Bob) Robert Schuler, both students at University of Miami. Raised 4 daughters, 3 living, Blair Buchholz, Ft Myers, Sue Haga and Pam Wilson, Ft Lauderdale. 5 grandchildren and 1 GREAT grandchild. What have you been doing since May 1947? 2 years at U of Miami. Have been real estate broker-salesman for 25 years. Still active. Golf, needlepoint, great hobbies, but love traveling. Most memorable trip was recently to the Arctic Circle and the Norwegian fjords. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE CHARLES WILSON STARNES JR [DECEASED 2011] OBIT 8936 Dorchester St, Ft Myers, FL 33907-5911 Married: Margie Drake, June 29, 1952 Children: C. W. Starnes III (Tripp), Mark C. Starnes, Erin Starnes Zengel. 7 Grandchildren (delightful!) What have you been doing since May 1947? Wilson went to University of Florida and is a "dyed in the wool" Gator fan. He went into auto parts and owned his business in Ft Myers Beach. To continue their "togetherness" Margie had a patio furniture store next door. Wilson is semi-retired, but women never retire. (I just don't have a business any more!) We treasure our high school friends who - like us - stayed in Fort Myers, and look forward to our reunion to see everyone from everywhere once again. GREEN LINE THOMAS G. STEWART "TINKER" 17 Kari Place, Lebanon OR, 97355-1528 tel: 541-451-3421 email: Married: Lorene Lee Finley, RN on 22 Aug 1954, Eugene, Oregon
Children: Clay Stewart - Psychiatric healthcare, photovoltaic array tech
bartender, survivor. b. 1961 lives in Portland. Jana Stewart Kincaid b. 1963
lives in Eugene, Oregon. She is a public school certified Francophone teacher
and licensed massage therapist. Mother to our lovely and clever granddaughter
Jillian Faith Kincaid, b. 1997 who just completed her freshman year at Oregon
State Univ. Go Beavers!
What have you been doing since May 1947?
Attended U of Fla, off and on for 13 years. Granted BS in Biology '52,
Service in USAF 1952-54. BS Pharmacy '57. Practiced Pharmacy '57-'90
in 40+ sites. PhD (Pharm Chem) '64. Held academic Positions at Medical
Univ of SC, Charleston, SC '64-'65. Idaho State Univ '65-'69. Ohio Northern
Univ '70-'92. Taught most of the courses in the Pharmacy core curriculum.
Formerly licensed to practice pharmacy in FL, GA, ID, OH. Taught at Ferris
State Univ (MI) during Sabbatical '84. After retirement, taught at Oregon
State Univ Spring '93. Held faculty position with the Linn-Benton Community
College, teaching personal drug management. Taught basic computer use and web
surfing at the Lebanon Public Library. Lectures at drop of hat, but lately only on
the history of the Santiam Wagon Road (see below)... and not often...

Hobbies: Local History, computing, wildflowers, arguing, reading. Napping.
Latest fancy:
Public lectures...
GREEN LINE KATHLEEN "KITTY" VALENTINE (SWEET) (LINDENMAYER) * OBIT 1310 NE 15th Lane, Cape Coral, FL 33909-1591 Married: James Carl Lindenmayer. Retired - 20 years - Navy SeaBees. Married 48 years Dec 5th (1996) We have four children - 2 girls and 2 boys. 12 Grandchildren (10 boys and 2 girls) 2 Great grandchildren which are boys. What have you been doing since May 1947? I got married Dec. 5, 1948 and went to Little Creek, Virginia, which is outside Norfolk. We lived at Ocean View on the beach. We then went to California where Carl was stationed at Port Hueneme and we lived at Ventura. We also lived in Jacksonville, Florida. That's where I had my fourth child. Carl got attached to outfits that went to the South Pacific, so his last six years he was in Guam, Philippines, and Okinawa. The children and I lived in North Fort Myers and only saw him 30 days a year. He retired in 1963 after 20 years. I worked for the Lee County School system for 21 years as a teacher's aide and retired in 1990. I worked at Tropic Isles Elementary and also for Edison Park. Now I do volunteer work at my church, Trinity Lutheran, in Cape Coral Caring Center sometimes. Hope you have a great reunion and best of luck to all.(As of 1997) GREEN LINE NORMA JEAN THAGGARD (BOCHETTE) "JEANNE" 2412 McGregor Blvd, Ft Myers, FL 33902-1593 Married: June 29, 1952 to Liston D. Bochette, Jr. (L.D.) Rollins College Chapel, Winter Park, Florida Children: Lee, born 1953, BA University of South Florida; Alyce, Born 1955, BFA, New York University; Liston III ("Lin") born 1957, PhD Inter- America University What have you been doing since May 1947? In private life - I am Mrs. L. D. Bochette Jr. I married after college and returned to Fort Myers with my husband after his tour with the Air Force. In my career life - I studied and performed dance in New York City and London. Later, I established Studio Bochette in 1951 to teach children. It has grown to a non-profit organization which serves Southwest Florida as Gulf Coast Dance. *** I look forward to renewing good times with all of you!!! *** See you in '97 (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE [deceased 2010] OBIT VELMA L TOWLER (HANSON) 8095 Breton Circle, Ft Myers, FL 33912 Marriage: I married Richard Hanson, originally from Pittsburgh PA. Children: We have three children, all boys. What have you been doing since May 1947? I went back to school and received my diploma, since I got married before graduation. Since our boys are all grown and gone from home, I have done some retail work and also volunteer work. Dick and I have stayed in Ft Myers, all the time. Now that he has retired, we have done a lot of traveling, such as touring the Scandinavian countries, England, Scotland and Wales, and Australia and many places in the USA. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE PAGE CHARLES TWISS 2327 Bailey Drive, Manhattan, KS 66502-2733 email: Marriage: Nancy H. Hubbard, Emeritus Ass't to Provost for scholarships and pre-law advisor Children: Stephen, 1957, lawyer, Allstate Insurance Co, Kansas City, KS Catherine, 1960, Classical Program Manager, Public Radio International, Minneapolis, MN. Thomas, 1964, Director of Training, Operations, and Systems, Mediaplay of Musicland Corp, Minneapolis, MN. What have you been doing since May 1947? Left Ft Myers for Manhattan, KS in August 1945; entered Kansas State Univ, Sept '46, BS in Geology '50; entered Grad School Sept '50; Served as Photo-Radar Interpretation Officer, Strategic Air Command, USAF, July '51 - July '53 (played basketball for Travis AFB & Forbes AFB; coached Forbes Volleyball team which placed 3rd in SAC). Returned to K-State as Temp Instructor and grad student in '53; also instructor in AF ROTC; MS in Geology & Physics '55; University of Texas @ Austin in '55, PhD in Geology & Physical Chemistry, '59. Kansas State University, Ass't Prof to Prof, '59-'95 (Dept Head, '68-'77), Prof Emeritus, '95-; Geologist, Wind Erosion Lab, Ag Research Service USDA,'66-'68', Visiting Prof Texas Univ @ Austin '66-'68; Consultant to Texas Bureau of Economic Geology,'59-'71, produced geologic maps covering 10,000 sq. miles in Trans-Pecos TX & Chihuahua, Mexico. Traveled in Mexico, Bahamas, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, No. Ireland, France, & Russia; spend part of each summer in rustic cabin in wilderness area of Western Ontario, Canada. Recreation includes competitive & recreational sailing, fishing, boating & outdoors. Looking forward to seeing old grad school - high school classmates in Fort Myers on April 26-27, 1997. Luv ya all. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE MARY VASILOFF (MURPHY) 4526 South Hersperides, Tampa, FL 33611-2122 Married: Ernest B. Murphy on June 17, 1951 (Deceased 6-16-96) First Baptist Church, Fort Myers, Florida. What have you been doing since May 1947? After graduating high school in May of 1947, I attended Florida State University and graduated with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. I met my husband in Florida State and after we graduated, were married and lived in Jacksonville, Florida for three years. There I taught fourth and fifth grades. When we moved to Tampa, I taught second and third grades and participated in the intern programs for master teachers from Florida State, University of South Florida, and University of Tampa. After thirty five years of teaching, I finally decided to retire in 1986!! During summer vacations while working and also after retirement we traveled and cruised extensively in the Caribbean, South America, Alaska, California, and North Carolina. Currently I am enjoying retirement and spending my time with hobbies. Time has really flown by fast!!! (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE FRANCES WATSON (MCGEHEE)(MILLER) 28909 NW 46th Ave., Newberry, FL 32669 Married: Arthur D. McGehee on 4-27-52. He passed away 9-20-95 Children: 5 girls and 11 grandchildren, Susan M. Rooks 4-7-53, Mary M. Mann 4-7-53, Margaret M. Bell 6-20-54, Marian M. Suggs 11-13-55, Frances M. Rooks 8-12-57 What have you been doing since May 1947? Taught Home Economics in Chiefland 1 year. Married Arthur McGehee and moved to Newberry. Taught in High Springs and Newberry, 1 year each. Took time out to have a family and get more schooling. Went back to work in 1963 and taught Reading and Elementary Education (5th and 6th grades) for 23 more years. Retired in 1987. Have been at home then doing things I couldn't do while teaching. Gardening, fishing, woodworking, remodeling, sewing and quilting. Lost my husband last year to lung cancer and have been trying to put my life together since then. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE JACK G. WELLS 1020 NW 6th Terr, Boca Raton, FL 33486 Married: Barbara Barton, 1951 Children: Three sons - Jack G. Wells, Jr; David W. Wells; Douglas A. Wells; 1 grandson, Ryan, son of Douglas. What have you been doing since May 1947? 1946-51, Univ of Florida Gator (Now the 1996 National Champions and 4 consecutive SEC Champs.) Went into Air Force in 1951 - Lived in Tampa, FL, stationed at McDill AFB., Columbus GA - Ft Benning and then in Weisbaden, Germany at USAF base. 1951 - Baccalaureate Degree. After USAF became a math teacher at Winter Haven, FL for 3 years. 1957 Master's Degree. Then was appointed Junior High Principal, Lake Wales, FL for 8 years. Was in Hattiesurg MS, attending graduate school for 1 year. 1970 Doctor's Degree. Became Professor and Ass't Dean at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL for rest of my career. Retired from USAF with 30 years active and reserve duty. Retired from State University system with 40 years of state service. Have traveled Europe, Canada, Mexico and the US. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE DONALD BARNES 1006 E Sligh Ave, Tampa, FL 33604-5638 Married: Phoebe Lamb (FMHS 1950) Children: We have three children, Michael, Daniel and Thea, who amongst them have acquired five degrees in Physics and one MSEE. Our older son, Michael, spent ten years in the CIA where he worked in 39 countries. While in the CIA, he met his wife, who was also an agent and who worked in 27 different countries. They recently got out and are making their home in Melbourne, where my son has gone into business for himself and our daughter-in-law is pregnant with our first grandchild. Our younger son is an engineer in the space shuttle program and makes his home with his lady companion in Merritt Island. Our daughter was teaching Physics at Hillsborough Junior College and now works in the computer department of another campus. What have you been doing since May 1947? After graduation and for the better part of the summer I worked for Mr. L. E. Goodman at his Palm City Block and Tile Co. in Fort Myers, stacking concrete blocks for eight hours a day in the Florida summer sun. This had the effect of putting me in the best physical condition I have ever been in my life and since then nothing else I have done physically has seemed particularly difficult. Then I attended Xavier Univ in Cincinnati, OH for a year and a half and the Univ of Fla for two and a half years. By that time the Korean "police action" had begun and I had an ROTC commission and enough of academic life. I decided to go see what war was. I had an academic deferment because I was in a 5-year course (Architecture), but all my friends were going so I figured I might as well go too. I almost found out, but wound up spending most of my overseas time on Okinawa. Then I attended a Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare course at the former Japanese Imperial Naval Academy at Ie Shima, Japan. When I got back to the states I reported to Fort Jackson for separation. I met Glenn and Linnie Cary there. Was beginning to feel like I was at home. After being out for 3 years, during which I worked for an architect in Ft Myers and Tallahassee, and for Carl Johnson in Ft Myers, I went back into the Army. This time I attended the US Army Language School at Monterey, California where I learned to speak, read and write Russian for Army Intelligence. After three years I got out and lived in DC, NYC and Cincinnati before returning to Ft Myers. There I met Phoebe Lamb. We were married and have made our home in Tampa. Since living here I have worked for the Hillsborough County Planning Commission and Juvenile Home, taught school, worked for Alderman Transport, and for the past 18 years for Tampa Independent Dairy Farmers Association. (As of April 1997) GREEN LINE GREEN LINE RUTH HERRON (No info as of 1967,1997) GREEN LINE MILDRED TUGGLES (ADCOCK) 2836 Meadow Ave, Ft Myers, FL 33901-6229 (Last known address.) From reunion brochure. No additional info as of March 1997 GREEN LINE JERRY BRYANT HC 63 Box 80K, Punta Gorda, FL 33982 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunion brochures - Married: Alice. Occupation: Letter carrier. Seven children. GREEN LINE MARJORIE KINSEY (CARTER) 723 S Marion Rd, Avon Park, FL 33825 (Last known address.) From reunion brochure. No additional info as of March 1997 GREEN LINE VERNON CLYATT [DECEASED 2010] PO Box 424, Lakeland, FL 33802 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Occupation: Real Estate Appraiser GREEN LINE FLORENCE RUTH ARNDT (DRAKE) [DECEASED 2010] Box 109 route 3, Quitman, GA, 31643 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunion - Married: Don Drake. Occupation: Homemaker Children: two GREEN LINE PAT YOUMANS (ELLIS) 3704 Marion Ave, Ft Myers, FL 33905 (Last known address.) From reunion brochure. No additional info as of March 1997 GREEN LINE CARL F HIPPELHEUSER New Address for 2003: POB 1075, Roberta, GA 31078 Phone: 478-836-9673. E-Mail: From 1967 reunion - Married: Sylvia R. Occupation: Master Sergeant USAF. Children: three Attended 1997 reunion GREEN LINE RUTH WILSON (HOOD) 1457 Grace Ave, Ft Myers, FL 33901 (Last known address.) From reunion brochure. No additional info as of March 1997 GREEN LINE RUTH PARKER (HOWARD) 270 Riviera Vista, Labelle FL 33935 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Walter R. Howard GREEN LINE ANNETTE DANIELS (FIEFIELD [DECEASED]_ Bald Mountain Road, Bernardston, MA 01337 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Fiefield GREEN LINE MARGIE READ (BOYETTE) (JOHNSON) 4513 Nesmith Rd, Plant City, FL 33567-3955 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Joseph D. Johnson, Sr. Occupation: Homemaker Children: four GREEN LINE H. QUILLIAN JONES, JR, MD [DECEASED 2008] 1357 Osceola Dr, Ft Myers, FL 33901 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Occupation: Surgeon. Children: four GREEN LINE JOE KELLEY 20940-6L Farm Road, Estero, FL 33928 (Last known address.) From 1967 reunion - Married: Gloria. Occupation: Nurseryman. Children: three GREEN LINE WILLIAM A. "BILLY" KIRBY [DECEASED 2009] OBIT 2833 NE 14th St, Gainesville, FL 32601 (Last known address.) From 1967 reunion - Married: Irene. Occupation: Federal Aviation Administration. Children: three Attended 1997 reunion GREEN LINE BARBARA HARRIS (KITE) 13902 Matanzas Drive, SE, Ft Myers FL 33905 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: David C. Kite, Jr. Occupation: Bookkeeper. Children: 3 Attended 1997 reunion GREEN LINE DOYLE LEFFERS 5342 Agate St, Riverside, CA, 92509 (Last known address.) From reunion brochure. No additional info as of March 1997, 1981 GREEN LINE LUCILLE BAKER (MASTERS) 3783 DeSoto Ave, Ft Myers, FL 33916 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Sam Masters. Occupation: Homemaker. Two children. GREEN LINE MARJORIE WESTBERRY (MUSSELWHITE) [DECEASED] OBIT ==PICTURE== 1253 Golden Lake Drive, Ft Myers, FL 33905-2502 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: J.D. Musselwhite. Occupation: Cashier. Children: three GREEN LINE AIMEE CREWS (MYERS) 365 Apex St, North Ft Myers, FL 33903 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Robert C. Myers. Occupation: Homemaker. Children: two. GREEN LINE ARTHUR NORMAN (No info as of 1947, 1967, 1997) GREEN LINE IRA L SMITH 7096 Maida Lane, Ft Myers, FL 33907-8502 (Last known address.) No additional info as of March 1997 GREEN LINE CONNIE PARSONS (TORITSKY) 2096 Streetsboro Rd, Hudson, OH 44236 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Ray L. Toritsky GREEN LINE ELIZABETH "BETTY" SILCOX (RABY) 1025 Groveland Ave, Venice FL (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Charles W. Raby. Occupation: Homemaker. Children: five GREEN LINE JAMES T. "JIMMY" SIMMONS [DECEASED] Rt 1 Box 21, Dayton, Washington (Last known address) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Theda. Occupation: US Army. Children: three GREEN LINE SHIRLEY WHEELER (BROWN) * OBIT c/o Mrs. Rex Scott, 531 NE Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32601 From 1981 reunion - Occupation: Teacher. (This address is incorrect per Shirley at Pioneer Picnic 1997) GREEN LINE ALTON EUSTIS WHIDDEN [DECEASED 2010] 2204 Avenue B SW, Winter Haven, FL 33880-2464 (Last known address.) No additional info as of 1967, 1981, 1997 GREEN LINE VEDA MAE BROWN (JEFFCOAT) 3803 Richard Rd, N Ft Myers, FL 33903-3727 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Jeffcoat. Occupation: Secretary GREEN LINE WILLIAM ELMER "BILLY" DAVIES, JR 1616 Alan Dr, Eustis, FL 32726-5002 (Last known address.) From 1967 reunion - Married: Amelia M. Occupation: Asst Liaison Officer, Pan American. Children: 3 GREEN LINE JACK POUCHET 7072 N Viewscape Drive, Prescott Valley AZ 86314 tel: 520-759-0582 (as of 2001) From 1967 reunion - Married: Louise P. Occupation: Master Sergeant, USAF Ret. Children: 3 (Jan 2001) GREEN LINE MARY "SUE" ANNA ABERNATHY (JONES) From 1967 reunion - Married Gerald D. Jones. Occupation: Homemaker. Five children. GREEN LINE GUINEVERE BAILEY (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE BILLY JANE BARBER (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE ELEANOR BARTLESON (ARRINGTON) "LOVEY" [DECEASED] GREEN LINE JEANNE BARTLEY PIPER [DECEASED] GREEN LINE NATHAN SAMUEL BLOUNT "SAM" [DECEASED] From 1981 - Married: Shan. Occupation: Professor, Univ of Wisconsin. Children: two MEMORIAL RESOLUTION GREEN LINE ELMA ISABEL BOTTS (No info as of 1967, 1997) GREEN LINE JAMES CURTIS "CURT" BOYETTE * [DECEASED 2007] From 1967 reunion - Married: Betty. Occupation: Owner of Flame Cocktail Lounge, Naples FL. Children: five. GREEN LINE BETTY NELL BROWN 72159 Fourth Street, Fort Myers Shores, Ft Myers FL 33905 (Last known address 1981) From 1981 reunion - Married: Lawless GREEN LINE NORAH EDITH BROWN DURRANCE [DECEASED] From 1967 - Married: Bobby Durrance. Occupation: Homemaker Children: four GREEN LINE BETTY BROWNING (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE LOUISE BRYAN (TAYLOR) 7929 Sixth Avenue, North, Birmingham AL 35206 (Last known address) From 1981 reunion - Married: Taylor (deceased). Occupation: Executive Secretary. Children: two GREEN LINE MARY JANE CARLTON [DECEASED] From 1967 reunion - Occupation: Musician. GREEN LINE BEULAH CASS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE WARREN DEESE (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE BETTY LEE ELLIS (KELLY) Route 20 Box 423, Ft Myers FL 33908 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Thomas B. Kelly. Children: six GREEN LINE GLADYS JUANITA FLINT (CREWS) [DECEASED] GREEN LINE WILLIAM "WILLY" FLOYD (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE WILLIAM "BILL" FRIZZELL [DECEASED 1978] From 1967 reunion - Married: Margaret. Occupation: Architect Children: 2 GREEN LINE MARJORIE "MARGIE" FUTCH (COLLINS) (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE ALLEN GALLMAN [DECEASED] PO Box 88, Ft Myers FL 33902 From 1981 reunion - Children: two. Occupation: Pontiac Auto Dealer GREEN LINE GEORGE EARL GIDDENS [DECEASED] GREEN LINE EDNA GRAHAM (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE FRANCES ANNE HADSOCK (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE ROBERT "BOBBY" HARRISON (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE MAX HERRON (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE ESTELLE HAYNIE [DECEASED] PO Box 121, Tice FL 33905 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Luke Johnson. GREEN LINE GATHA HAYNIE (JENKINS) [DECEASED 2007] 354 Fairfax Dr, Ft Myers, FL 33905-2504 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Divorced: Singleton, Married: Neal Jenkins. Occupation: Homemaker. Children: three GREEN LINE WILLIAM "BILL" HOUGHTON (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE WALLACE HUDSON [DECEASED] GREEN LINE FORREST FRANKLIN INGRAHAM [DECEASED] From 1967 reunion - Married: Mary. Occupation: Mgr Western Union. Children: two GREEN LINE ESTHER INGRAM (LAND) [DECEASED] From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Wehling (widowed). Married: Russell A. Land. Occupation: Legal Secretary; homemaker; Typist for Court Reporter Children: one. GREEN LINE EDWIN CARROLL JONES [DECEASED] (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE RALPH G KINGSTON, JR [DECEASED] MEMORIAL GREEN LINE BETTY JEAN KLAUSS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE BETTY LOU KNOX (PATTERSON) [DECEASED] 3921 Norledge Drive, Dayton OH 45414 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Patterson. Occupation: Salesman Children: two GREEN LINE ROBERT MILTON "SONNY" LEE [DECEASED] From 1967 reunion - Married: Lois D. Occupation: General Insurance. Children: two GREEN LINE ROBERT MACANESPIE (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE YVONNE MATTHEWS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE DOROTHY MCCHRIEN (GINGER) "DOT" [DECEASED] 8483 Lake Atkinson Rd, Tallahassee FL 32303 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Arky Ginger. Occupation: Legal Secretary Children: four GREEN LINE FLOYD MCDANIEL (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE JAMES ALEXANDER MCINTOSH "JIMMY" [DECEASED] GREEN LINE DORCAS MCKENNEY GREEN LINE JANET MEREDITH [DECEASED] GREEN LINE GLENN MILLS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE CHARLES MORELOCK [DECEASED 1995] GREEN LINE LAVERNE PETTIT (DUFFEY) [DECEASED] 2170 Dora St, Ft Myers FL 33901 (Last known address.) From 1981 - Married: B. B. "Bob" Duffey. Occupation: Homemaker. Children: five GREEN LINE CLARA ELEANOR PIKE (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE ADRIAN Q POLLOCK, MD [DECEASED 1989] 2031 McGregor Blvd Ft Myers FL 33901 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Zust. Occupation: Pediatrician. Children: one GREEN LINE VIRGINIA PRIEST (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE MARY PUGLISI (JACKSON) [DECEASED] 3530 S. Evans, Ft Myers FL 33901 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions. GREEN LINE ROBERT RIGGS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE THOMAS S ROBERTS "TOMMY" [DECEASED] 121 Palm Tree Lane, Ft Myers FL 33905 (Last known address.) Occupation: Merchant Children: one GREEN LINE GENEVIEVE ROGERS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE CHARLES RAY ROSS "CHARLIE" [DECEASED] 1337 Caloosa Drive, Ft Myers FL 33901 (Last known address.) From 1967, 1981 reunions - Married: Betty Jo Malloy [FMHS 1950]. Occupation: General Contractor Children: two. OBITUARY GREEN LINE GENE SANDERS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE LEONARD SANTINI [DECEASED] GREEN LINE BETTY JEAN SCOTT (BASS) [DECEASED] 1079 Brevity Lane, Ft Myers FL 33907 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Miles Bass [FMHS 1945]. GREEN LINE NORMA SPEARING (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE JAMES BURTON STEWART [DECEASED 2008] OBIT 114 Tropical Shores, Ft Myers Beach FL 33931 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Matha [sic]. Occupation: Drag Line Operator. Children: two GREEN LINE JANE STEWART (HICKS) [DECEASED 1967] As far as we know, Jane was the first of the Class of 47 to pass away. She died the Wednesday after the Saturday on which the 20 year reunion was held at the Fort Myers Country Club. GREEN LINE LAWRENCE STINEHOUR (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE GERALD STEWART SUSHIL [DECEASED] 205 Second St, Page Park, Ft Myers FL 33907 (Last known address.) From 1981 reunion - Married: Ellen F. Children: 4 GREEN LINE JEANNINE THOMPSON (WITT) [DECEASED] From 1967 reunion - Married: David C. Witt. Occupation: Homemaker Children: one GREEN LINE JESSE THOMPSON (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE ROSANA UNSEITIG (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE JEANETTE WILKES (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE CHARLES "CHILL" WILLIAMS (1945 Class Annual, last info) GREEN LINE MAXINE YOUNG (1945 Class Annual, last info)



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