Links to personal or small business web pages created and/or maintained by graduates of Fort Myers High School, Fort Myers, Florida

Michelle Allen Farmar FMHS 1991 is a realtor with Schooner Bay Realty in Cape Coral. GREEN WAVES

Genie "Deva" Parnell (FMHS 1963) is the founder and director of Discovery Yoga Center in St. Augustine. She has been a yoga instructor and teacher-trainer since the 1970's and has trained more than 2000 yoga teachers. The yoga center is located near the St. Augustine, Florida historic district, shops, restaurants and beaches, and is housed in a beautifully restored turn of the century building that includes two practice rooms, a gift shop and student housing. GREEN WAVES

Sarah Lou Richards-Fisher (FMHS 1996) opened her first store several years ago and this will be her second location. "Spotted Pony" is a fashion accessories and gift store. Cute site! GREEN WAVES

Delores Clark Urquidi (FMHS 1951) works and lives in Austin TX. She has spent her life having seven children, traveling, teaching, and learning foreign languages and cultures. Her website deals with the Archeology and Anthropology of the Americas. These disciplines are based on the study of a specific location, then expanding into surrounding areas in order to identify possible diffusion into the various polities. Anyone wishing to use any of these pages in their publications, please use proper citations and send copy to the Webmaster. GREEN WAVES

Darlene Marshall (Eve Ackerman) (FMHS 1973), an FMHS and U of Fla grad, writes romantic historical novels based on Florida history. She has a very inviting webpage for her three novels [as of 2008]. You may have known her as Eve Ackerman when she was gradated from FMHS ... You will enjoy her webpage and links. GREEN WAVES

Norita Moss is an avid genealogist for the SHEPHERD AND ALLIED FAMILIES with Mike Shepherd. 7125 Entries; Updated: 2007-06-12 04:23:04 UTC (Tue) GREEN WAVES

A wonderful website from Prudy Taylor Board (FMHS 1951) depicting her novels, non-fiction books, newsletters, articles, etc... Really, a "must visit"!
02/12/2008 I just consumed her Murder a la Carte and found it delicious! Get it. Read it! tgs GREEN WAVES

"I started getting interested in bees when I was 12," says Allen "Buddy" Walker (FMHS 1963), owner of Walker Farms in North Fort Myers, Florida. "My uncle gave me two hives at $1 apiece and now I have about 1,000 hives." Walker and his wife, Joyce Sander Walker (FMHS 1963), run their bee farm together. Walker Farms was featured in GULFSHORE BUSINESS Magazine, June 2004. The full article was entitled: "Farms of Fancy". GREEN WAVES

Peter Dutcher's personal website is definitely architecturally oriented, but has a number of other interesting surprises embedded here. Take a look. Pete is a 1968 FMHS grad... GREEN WAVES

William Sheehan (FMHS 1996) says:" I have created a site of my own to display Photos taken while participating in FMHS Plays and Thespian Society. I believe that anyone who attended FMHS between 1992 and 1996 and participated in the drama program would enjoy my photo album site." GREEN WAVES

Paul McElroy, FMHS 1960. Paul's site is just downright fun to surf. He's an author, teacher, traveler and raconteur. His pages imply that you will discover buried treasure just across the next bit of water. Give it a look. GREEN WAVES

Superlative innkeepers Joe Hensley FMHS 1962 and Celeste Pacetti Ford FMHS 1964 present a coast-to-coast choice of accommodations at their far-flung vacation spots. Aurora Park Cottages, a Napa Valley B&B, private luxury lodging at the top of Napa Valley that offers more privacy than a traditional Bed and Breakfast and a Gorgeous Rental Cottage on Fort Myers Beach... Beachcomber Delight at the North end of the Island, one cottage from beachfront. The cottage has been completely updated with new appliances, furnishings and remodeled for comfortable beach living. GREEN WAVES

Jack Tanner FMHS 1952 This is a "Yahoo! Groups" site for the FMHS Class of 1952 with many interesting and useful features for all visitors. GREEN WAVES

Nancye Ann Jones (Clark) FMHS 1950 and husband Ken are real VW Lovers! I'm not, but the site almost "converted" me... In their own words: "WELCOME to the Clark's VW VAN MEMOIRS page, dedicated mostly to the fun Ken and Nancye Clark have had while owning Volkswagens. We're interested in hearing from other VW owners about their vans." And YAHOO INTERNET LIFE called our site MAGIC BUS saying: "don't miss MORE VW STORIES, where van owners from AL to South Africa share a hodgepodge of nostalgic anecdotes, trip records, pictures, maintenance tips, and VW links." GREEN WAVES

Susan Marlene "Sioux" Harlan (Elledge) FMHS 1968 and husband Terry Elledge have developed Sioux Z Wow, "A sauce for all seasons" - and it's yours for the asking! Sioux Z Wow Marinade is like a silent chef, behind the scenes, helping busy cooks prepare flavor feasts without fuss.



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